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"The Secret Art of Magic is a remarkable book. ... Highly recommended."

Michael Close (Magic, Feb. 2004)

"This book will make you a warrior of enchantment. Using and fully explaining the time-tested strategies and tactics of war, its goals however are those of a lover: to seduce, charm, and satisfy audiences. This is the aim of all performance, especially when done alfresco, in the raw, in the trenches. Highly recommended."

Jon Racherbaumer

"It was more than a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to study and reflect on the inspired teachings within The Secret Art of Magic. This work should be required reading for all dedicated and aspiring students of our Art."

Roger Klause

"… beg, plead, or borrow but get your hands on this astonishing book."

Jim Cellini

"This is as fascinating and thought provoking a magic book as I've read in many a moon. I'd recommend it to anyone searching for a new and utterly different way to think about their act."

Mac King

"Who could have guessed that two "good ol' boys" from Texas would unlock the real secrets of magic by deciphering a 2,400 year old Chinese manuscript on warfare? The fact that both are international award winning magicians makes this no less astonishing an accomplishment. This is a thought-provoking, insightful, and important work. Ignore it at your own peril."

Richard Hatch


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